Solid market positionPozycja

Tracer is one of the most popular brands
in such key accessories areas as mice, headphones, and speakers.

Diversify and grow

We keep growing and expanding our product range out of PC accessories into small household appliances, automotive, health, sports and tourism, or lighting.

Broad availability

Our products are available through all sales channels: electronics and food chains, B2B distribution, e-commerce, and marketplace platforms.

PC accessories

It is the DNA of our business. This segment consists of basic peripherals such as mice, keyboards, headphones, cameras, or speakers complemented by laptop accessories: bags, power supplies, and cooling stands.

Gaming accessories

The gaming sector of our portfolio is represented by the BLOODY brand and GAMEZONE series within the Tracer brand. Our gaming is not only about PC: we offer console accessories as well (gamepads, racing wheels).

Outdoor and mobile

We have a broad selection of mobile electronics, such as Bluetooth audio devices (speakers, headphones), fitness trackers, smartwatches, and power banks But it is not all about electronics; Tracer is also a supplier of tents and beach mats.

Small household appliances

Megabajt's Small household appliances are available under the LAFE brand, which sells kitchen, household, and garden equipment and health and beauty products.


Our lighting portfolio focuses on interiors: desk lamps, ring lamps, workshop and tourist torches, but also such garden appliances as lighting chains (solar and 220 V).

Automotive electronics

This segment covers our products for car owners and users. The primary product category is dash cams followed by breathalysers, car chargers and power supplies, holders, and other small 12 V accessories that come in handy in a car.

We focus on our key brands: TRACER, LAFE, A4TECH, BLOODY, and SEVEN, and our new product groups keep growing.

Broad availability

Our core business is launching and sale of private labels of general user electronics, such as IT/GSM accessories, LED lighting, automotive accessories, and small household appliances in the largest retail chains.

We are available through all major offline and online sale channels: electronics and food chains, B2B distribution e-commerce, and marketplace platforms:

Experience and stability

Megabajt Sp. z o.o. is a Polish company that is growing steadily and holds a solid market position founded on thirty years of domestic and international sales experience.
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Megabajt in numbers

We fulfil many orders and each of them reaches the customer within 24 hours following acceptance. Therefore, in each case, we take 15 minutes to pick and prepare the product for dispatch.
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Dramatically disseminate standardized metrics after resource-leveling processes. Objectively pursue diverse catalysts for change for services.

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30 years of experience in computer accessories distribution.
We pursue our goals with the utmost commitment. We introduce strict standards and stick to them.
Our labour structure and organisation match the actual needs of our partners.
99,5% of our customers
find all arrangements to be fulfilled quickly, thoroughly, and problem-free.


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