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We focus on our key brands: TRACER, LAFE, A4TECH, BLOODY, and SEVEN, and our new product groups keep growing.

Tracer is all about computer accessories but offers also Bluetooth headphones and speakers, power banks, smart watches, dash cams, desk lamps, torches, and lighting chains.


Tracer was first introduced in 1999 and has been growing and evolving with the market ever since. Tracer provides innovative and modern solutions by adjusting its portfolio to the latest trends and technologies and changing consumer needs. The core policy of Tracer is functionality and pragmatism combined with exceptional design.

Tracer delivers affordable products that ensure a low failure ratio and high quality thanks to strict tests during design, production, and marketing.


This brand’s portfolio includes three categories of products: kitchen and dining room (kitchen scales, toaster, blenders, or kettles), household equipment (irons, fans), and body care (bathroom scales, dryers, massagers).


Lafe was created for users who seek and find real pleasure, particularly in simple chores.

Lafe inspires and supports you during key everyday activities, turning mundane tasks like making coffee and toasts for breakfast into a real pleasure.

It is the job of every Lafe product to deliver an added value apart from its basic, expected functionalities. Sometimes it is the convenient and ergonomic use or additional functionalities that can be fully appreciated after the first use.


GameZone is our selection of gaming membrane and mechanical keyboards, mice, and stereo and 7.1 LED headphones.


GameZone is a Tracer label for gaming products. Comfort and ergonomics are important for Tracer, which is evident from its gaming chairs that offer long hours of cosy gaming.

GAMEZONE is not just PC gaming accessories but also equipment for consoles, such as gamepads or racing wheels for both legacy platforms such as PS3 and XBOX 360 and next-gen consoles: PS4 or XBOX One.


A4Tech is a supplier of such computer peripherals as mice (wired and wireless), keyboards, headphones, and PC cameras.


Established in 1987 in Taipei, Taiwan, A4TECH® is a global leader in computer peripherals.  Thanks to a partnership dating back to the 1990s, Megabajt is the sole distributor of the brand in Poland. A4Tech accessories mean high production quality, reliability, and innovative technologies.

Its R&D has secured numerous patents over the years: No-lag, Channel-lock, Double-Click, 16 Gestures, 4-Way wheel, V-Track, Optical Switch, or Light Strike Switch.

To conform to international standards, A4TECH® has implemented and is developing a TÜV ISO-9001-certified quality and quantity management system.


Bloody offers PC gaming accessories such as mice (wired and cordless), keyboards, and headphones.


Over the thirty years of innovating to develop effective PC peripherals, A3Tech invested a lot of time in research and development to deliver a top-ranking gaming brand. This is how Bloody was born in 2011. Its purpose is not only to provide high-quality hardware but also to combine it with innovative Bloody software for the best gaming experience.

Bloody products feature such unique technologies and solutions as CORE3 and Ultra Core 4, Metal X’Glide Armor Bot, or Light Strike switches.