Powerful and wireless – meet Tracer Furio TWS


Tracer, a popular manufacturer of consumer electronics presents its latest wireless Bluetooth speaker. The Tracer Furio TWS will be great for a garden party or an open-air cinema with friends when you need a reliable sound source.

Great power
This powerful and compact device is easy to carry, be it for a walk or a spontaneous weekend train trip. The size of the speaker is deceiving and fails to reflect its impressive power. The Tracer Furio TWS has what it takes to be the primary source of music, even at a garden party. 40 watts and heavy bass ensure great sound in any circumstances.

Wireless Bluetooth connectivity
With a Bluetooth module, cables are not an issue. Just pair your smartphone or tablet with the speaker to play your favourite music in the blink of an eye. The designers thought of more traditional users, too. The device has an AUX input and can play from USB. Thanks to its integrated FM radio, you can listen to your favourite radio station without any additional equipment. The Furio can make your wireless sound experience even more intense with the True Wireless Stereo technology (TWS). It can combine several speakers into one system. This way, you can quickly build an impressive stereo system.

Waterproof sound
The Tracer Furio has water resistance class IPX5. It is an important advantage for all who want to use the device at beach parties or when sailing. IPX5 means full protection against a 12.5 litre/min water stream from any angle.
RGB lighting and up to 20 hours of battery playtime

The Furio comes with great sound power, RGB lighting, many handy features, and – what many will find crucial – a long-lasting battery. The speaker offers up to 20 hours of playtime thanks to its large battery.